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Martin Richard Jubb, 71, passed away on the night of March 27, 2011 at his home in the Promised Land of Morehead City, NC.

Martin was born in Devon, Dartmouth, England on March 6, 1940 to Reverend Winston Percy Jubb and Winifred Stiles Jubb. He spent many of his childhood years in Africa with his parents who were missionaries there. After he returned to his home in England, he graduated from the University of Bristol with BAs in English and German. He decided to forgo his initial plans to be a professor, choosing instead to proudly serve the Crown of England as a police officer (bobby) and later as a coroners officer. He spent many of his days traveling and after his retirement his travels led him to Morehead City to be with his beloved wife and soul mate, Carolyn Willis Jubb.

Martin had a very big, open heart that he filled with the love of many things: languages, books, motor cars, bicycle racing, rallies, the Halda instruments he restored, gadgets, music, politics, the blue Carolina sky, the green rolling hills of his home country, his beloved cats and most of all, his family. He was smart, kind, funny, adventurous, and sensitive but above all he was loving. Martin loved warmly and unabashedly with a heart the size of his beloved England. He will be sorely and truly missed by those who loved him but they will take solace in having known the kindest, most wonderful man in the world.

“…the chapel full of tears, the days thou gavest, Lord, are ended. But surely there must be more, emotion like this cannot just end. Find me my love, as I will you.�

Left behind to love him and cherish his memories are his wife, Carolyn and his six children: Sophia Victoria Jubb, Susannah Louise Jubb Thompson, Miranda Katherine Jubb Gastor, Simon Andrew Jubb, Thomas Edward Vidak, Jr., and Jennifer Christy Smith. He had eight beautiful grandchildren: Maude Carmel Buffy Jubb Gastor, Polly Clementine Jubb Gastor, Meg Jemima Jubb Gastor, Tabitha-Rose Malana Thompson, Georgia-Eloise Kailana Thompson, Hannah Grace Ruiz, and Emma Faith Fonte. He will be remembered and missed by the countless friends and acquaintances from all over the world whose lives he touched in his 71 years.

He was preceded to Heaven by his brothers, Peter and Andrew, and the parents whom he admired and adored.

For 20 years Martin Jubb repaired and restored HALDA Speedpilots, Twinmasters and Tripmasters and supplied spares, help and advice to Historic Rallying Drivers and navigators.



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